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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 26, 2009

smoking is rude in NYCMandating what cooking oils privately owned restaurants can use wasn’t enough.

Telling club, restaurant and bar owners that they could no longer allow smoking in their own establishments was only the beginning.

Indeed, the war on salt is already underway.

As the relentless march toward transforming matters of health into issues of morality continues – and the death toll of children and teenagers who have died due to smoking and second-hand smoke continues to be zero – the City of New York is now contemplating the possibility of further augmenting its interference in the free market system. Now, the Big Hands of the Big Apple are ready to tighten their grip around the throats of free enterprise just a little more by considering a new measure of soft tyranny (all meant for our own good, of course) – namely targeting 12,000 cigarette retailers in the city by requiring them to post anti-smoking signs on their own property.

Never has something so legal been so demonized.

WCBS-TV in New York reports:

The New York City health department is moving forward with a plan that would require about 12,000 cigarette retailers to post large anti-smoking signs.

It’s billed as the first such regulation in the United States.

The eye-level signs would have information about the harmful effects of smoking, possibly with an image.

The assistant commissioner for tobacco control, Sarah B. Perl, says it can be effective to display gruesome health effects such as amputations and throat cancer.

The Assistant Commissioner for Tobacco Control?

Oh, Lord.

Is there a Deputy to the Assistant for Tobacco Control too?

I would be willing to wager that Sarah B. Perl probably isn’t too keen about the idea of posting eye-level “before” and “after” pictures of aborted fetuses at abortion clinics – something that would almost certainly be “effective” in significantly cutting back the number of abortions in this country, as many liberals claim they’d like to see.  It seems almost contradictory, seeing as so many liberals label the right to carry out an abortion as a “health care” issue.


Can New Yorkers soon expect to see pictures of mangled bodies twisted beyond recognition in horrific alcohol-induced car wrecks, or images of spouses and children horribly abused by alcoholic family members, at “eye-level” positions in liquor stores across the city?

Uncle Sam says NO SMOKINGAre pictures of diseased arteries, obese people woofing down french fries, overweight cadavers and cellulite-laden “cottage cheese” legs going to find their way to “eye-level” locations outside of Burger King and McDonalds’ restaurants in the five boroughs?

How about snapshots of people with syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes in front of free condom distribution centers in schools and free clinics?

It’s a good thing liberals never impose their values on people.

Don’t misunderstand me … I don’t condone cigarette smoking.

I am not on the payroll of any tobacco company, nor do I get free samplers from the cigarette manufacturers.

I do, however, condone liberty – the freedom to make choices. Having the government inform people about the hazards of a perfectly legal activity is one thing. Stripping liberties from its citizenry is another.

It’s what liberals do.

Indeed, liberals are funny creatures … but when in power, they can be frightening creatures.

The unwillingness to accept and acknowledge human nature is a liberal shortcoming – from the inability to avow the categorically inherent differences that exist between the sexes to being able to label evil. One of the more disparraging qualities in the human animal that liberals tend to gloss over  – and put on display – is the inability to know when to stop if left unchecked.

We see it Washington, D.C. when fly-by-night, who-did-it-and-ran Democrat legislation is rushed through Congress without debate, balance or the ability to actually read what’s being passed into law, i.e. the Messianic Stimulus Bill and Pelosi’s Cap And Trade disaster.

Here in New York City, Republicans on the City Council are as common as Jackie Mason albums in the Gaza Strip. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has already spit upon the will of the people of his city by usurping term limits.

Unchecked power, indeed.

The fact remains that there is no child or teenager that has ever died because of cigarette smoking, nor has there been one killed by second, third or twelfth-hand smoke.

Liberty itself is far more fragile than a teenager’s lung.


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