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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 26, 2009

The poster that launched a billion fantasies

The poster that launched a billion fantasies

Yes, I know.

Just about every blog from here to the Columbia River country has this image posted today. Certainly, there’s nothing particularly insightful, original, ground-breaking or unique in simply posting this iconic picture and jotting down some quick assembly-line words of tribute – like I am doing here. I have no stories to tell about her, no “dirt” to dish out, no heartfelt synopses to convey, no juicy morsels of gossipy blather to share.

Boring, I know.

Indeed, this legendary image of her says nothing about the type of person she was. It doesn’t reveal anything about her character or strength. It is simply a snapshot in time – a very well known snapshot in time.

She was obviously far more than a sexy young gal in a bathing suit who once upon a time triggered the collective hormones of just about every red-blooded male over the age of 12.

She was loved by many, and those who were close to her are now dealing with the pain of her loss.

I just wanted to take a moment, for what it’s worth, to say thanks to Farrah Fawcet for making my adolescence just a touch more enjoyable. Millions and millions of us who were growing boys back then will never forget this image, nor forget her.

Rest in peace, Farrah Fawcet.

You will be missed.

God bless you.


One Response to “THANKS, FARRAH”

  1. Hi,

    While we are not on the same political page, I enjoy reading some of your BlogPosts.

    So: Promises Complete…
    July 28, 2009 by Philip Edwards

    Seven months into a professional Politicians’ administration is a short skippity-kind-a-hoppity few months. For 15 million souls (+-) without Employment and Health Insurance seven months is a very long time.

    Is President Obama giving away his Administration to a House much larger than his House? Maybe this house is in the process of a silent and a creepy coup…And bless that August recess?

    However, President Obama is a master Salesman…Still much talk and still much talk and still way too much talk. Please finish what you and your administration have started…And Socialism even in a conservative world is a winner?

    Remember, that we need to start living for “Others.”

    Peace and Love and Understanding for all of us.

    Thanks and keep those post coming…

    Phil Edwards

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