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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 23, 2009

..and still champion

..and still champion

That sound you heard was not your air mattress springing a leak. It was me letting out a much-needed sigh of relief. I can finally lay down my weary head and begin focusing on other matters thanks to the Iranian Guardian Council, who today put to rest any doubts regarding the integrity of the recent elections there.

The country’s top electoral body said that “no major fraud or breech” was found to exist in the way the election was conducted.

Thus, there will be no new vote. The results will stand.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is winner.

Hard to believe, I know.

(Water is also wet).

Meanwhile, the government in Iran is issuing harsher warnings to the annoying protestors who just don’t know when to leave well enough alone.

Karin Laub of the Associated Press writes:

Ebrahim Raisi, a top judicial official, confirmed Tuesday that a special court has been set up to deal with detained protesters. “Elements of riots must be dealt with to set an example. The judiciary will do that,” he was quoted as saying by the state-run radio. The judiciary is controlled by Iran’s ruling clerics.

In recent days, Iran’s supreme leader has ordered demonstrators off the streets and the feared Revolutionary Guards has threatened a tough crackdown. At least 17 people have been killed in near-daily demonstrations, including at least one that drew hundreds of thousands.

Plans to move forward with Obamacrat diplomacy will almost certainly be delayed until the remaining protestors have the good sense to sit their asses back down and do what they’re told.

The President ought to be finished with his waffle by then.

(He plays second fiddle to no one).

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports suggest that preparations are underway at the White House for a new set of sensitivity training courses.

          -“Terrorists Are People, Too.”

          -“Always Blame Thyself.”

          -“Our Founding Fathers Are No Better Than Their Founding Fathers.”

The classes are voluntary, but those choosing not to attend will be terminated immediately.


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