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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 5, 2009


Is there anything that could (or would) be more surprising than to find out that an upstanding, impeccably above-board, beyond-reproach community organization such as ACORN, which advocates for a host of social issues for people on the lower end of the income ladder – including health care and voter registration – might have more than a little bit of corruption in its ranks?

Recall that during the last Presidential election cycle, ACORN was a hot button political issue. The organization’s endorsement of President Obama was a controversial one because of numerous allegations of voter registration fraud against them. The fact that Obama (along with others) served as ACORN’s lawyer while the organization battled a voting rights lawsuit thirteen years earlier brought on additional allegations of a conflict of interest leading up to November’s election. It didn’t exactly make things any easier for the Big O that his campaign hired an ACORN affiliated group – for nearly a million dollars – to run one of those much heralded “Get-Out-The-Vote” drives. (Thank goodness the mainstream media took it upon themselves to serve as his de facto press secretary during the campaign).

And now, with the echoes of accusations of widespread voter fraud still resonating from the campaign season, comes this little ditty from the great website – something that will go largely ignored by the mainstream media:

Four former ACORN workers in western Pennsylvania will face trial on charges that they forged, illegally solicited or illegally filled out voter registration cards before the November election.

That’s after a court hearing in Pittsburgh on Friday.

Twenty-year-old Pittsburgh resident Eric Jones waved his preliminary hearing. Three others were held for trial: 23-year-old West Mifflin resident Alexis Givner and two Pittsburgh residents, 21-year-old Ashley Clarke and 28-year-old Mario Grisom.

Prosecutors charged seven ACORN workers in May. One had already been ordered to stand trial and two others had their preliminary hearings postponed.

I have recently pulled so many things from my “If This Had Been a Republican” file, there’s only lint left in the cabinet where the folder used to be.

Try to envision any group with political leanings toward the right – say, a faith-based organization – who not only conducted “Get-Out-The-Vote” campaigns across the country, but endorsed the Republican candidate for President of the United States amidst widespread allegations of voter registration fraud. Just imagine that same group in a similar situation as ACORN – particularly if the Republican candidate had won the election – having former campaign-season workers facing trial for forging, illegally soliciting and/or illegally filing voter registration cards.

By now, we’d know the address, religion, skin color, past affiliations, blood type, personal hygiene habits and medical histories of each of these people. Perhaps the Connecticut Working Families Party would be scheduling bus tours to drive by the houses of such unconscionable people.

Such a scandal would knock the “hanging chad” out of the big leagues.


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