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Posted by Andrew Roman on May 18, 2009

threatened ... overseas

threatened ... overseas

Lord knows I am no fan of Alec Baldwin. His status as a political nimrod is well known among those of us who think. His failure as a radio talkshow host – despite decent pipes – is legendary. His enormous success on the very popular NBC comedy “30 Rock” is undisputed.

To be sure, he’s had his share of negative press, but I am not knee-jerk when it comes to reacting to libs. Indeed, I was among those who thought far too much was made of Baldwin’s now infamous phone message to his 12-year old daughter in 2007 in which he came off as a crazed madman, calling her a “thoughtless pig,” sounding downright demonic.

It should never have been released publicly.

The latest flap surrounding him is so ridiculous that even the standard-bearers of political correctness have to be saying, “Come on. It was a damn joke.”

Baldwin was a guest on David Letterman’s show last week and mentioned that he’d love to have more children. As many know, he and his ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger, have been involved in a very nasty divorce and custody battle. Baldwin, as a joke, said that he was “thinking about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point … or a Russian one.”

This has apparently caused quite an uproar in the Philippines.

Apparently, this is a worse insult than saying someone’s mother wears combat boots.

Beacuse of it, Baldwin has actually been threatened with physical violence should he ever set foot in that country.


Actor Alec Baldwin’s joke about getting a Filipino mail-order bride provoked a sharp response in the Philippines, with one senator saying Monday that the “30 Rock” star faces violence if he ever visits..

Philippine Sen. Ramon Revilla said Monday that Baldwin’s comment was “insensitive and uncalled for” and an insult to millions of Filipinos.

He called the actor is “arrogant” and said he is apparently unaware that the Philippines has a law against mail-order brides.

“Let him try to come here in the Philippines and he’ll see mayhem,” Revilla said, using a local idiom that implies the speaker will personally administer a beating.

The senator himself is a former action-movie star who occasionally still appears on Philippine TV.

Class act.

Call it a cultural divide. Call it gross insensitivity on my part. (I am a conservative, after all). Call it a lack of understanding of the heinous societal insult that is the Filipino mail-order bride, but Senator Revilla has got to be kidding … or intoxicated … or reading his copy of “Al Sharpton’s Guide To Victimization, Outrage and Pot Stirring.” Revilla’s undergarments have obviously been twisted to the point of unholy discomfort. 

I’m trying to comprehend this.

A physical threat has been made by a government official beacuse of an innocent line meant as a joke? 

Granted, it may not have been a particularly funny line, but it wasn’t meant as an attack or insult. It wasn’t thoughtless or remotely insensitive. And it certainly didn’t warrant a promise of bodily harm from an elected official, did it?

Because mail-order brides are illegal in the Philippines, Baldwin has now insulted millions of Filipinos?

What if Baldwin instead called Filipino women “ugly” or said he would never consider a Filipino mail-order bride because they are less than desirable? Would Filipino fighter planes be peppering the East Coast of the United States with bombs?

Isn’t it more of a compliment to state publicly that you’d like to have children with someone? Does anyone think Baldwin would like to make babies with a hideous trollop?

Where exactly is the derision?

If Filipino leadership were even one-tenth as impassioned over substantive issues – like combating terrorism, defending liberty or defeating evil, for instance – I might be able to muster a bit more faith in humanity.


One Response to “FILIPINO OUTRAGE”

  1. junasun said

    “Granted, it may not have been a particularly funny line, but it wasn’t meant as an attack or insult. It wasn’t thoughtless or remotely insensitive. And it certainly didn’t warrant a promise of bodily harm from an elected official, did it?”

    -You cannot know youreself with certainty that it wasn’t meant as an attack or insult nor thoughtless. If you assume that attitude then you are just like Senator Revilla who stands instinctively by his own people- as you stand by Baldwin.
    Thoughtlessness leads more often to insult,- or to a war like Bush’s thoughtlessness.

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