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Posted by Andrew Roman on May 13, 2009

Eric at the great Vocal Minority website makes an excellent point – one that needs to be made by people on our side who bang their chests about intellectual honesty and integrity.

Indeed, I spend a great deal of time here pointing out and illustrating the incalculable examples of liberal bias that exist in the mainstream media. Like fire ants on Sanibel Island, you cannot swing a dead squirrel without running into left-leaning media bias. I also write about the inherent nastiness and intellectual dishonesty that so often emanates from the Left these days. I assure you, it isn’t a difficult enterprise. Leftists are the arbiters of major league smear-tactics, personal attacks and selective truth telling.

They’re so good at it.

Obviously, I cannot even begin to enumerate such things here as comprehensively as I would like, lest I spend every waking minute rat-a-tat-tatting on my blog while eating up every bit of available bandwidth this side of the Appalachians.

Thus, when someone on the Left actually says something that contains even a smidgen of intellectual honesty, I feel – in the name of my own integrity – that it should be noted, even if doing so throws knots into my descending colon.

As Eric writes:

Pigs are flying outside my window as I write this, but one thing I strive for on this blog, aside from the passionate expression of my views, is intellectual honesty.

So when Keith Olbermann criticizes Wanda Sykes for her Rush Limbaugh comments, I am compelled to acknowledge it.

Granted, Olbermann said Sykes was “99% within the bounds of good taste and within the bounds of the funny.” If that were an actual calculation, Sykes would have had to speak for an additional hour and a half. It was more like 75-80%. But anyway … better than nothing.

Visit Vocal Minority to catch the video link.

With every electron of my being, having to acknowledge anything that Keith Olbermann says with even the tiniest positive spin is as unnatural and detestable to me as eating cocoa puffs in a bowl of soy sauce. I almost feel like I’ve betrayed my country or secretly began watching CNN or something.

Still, Eric is right … and for his intellectual honesty, I applaud him.


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