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Posted by Andrew Roman on April 28, 2009


These photos (below) are almost two weeks old, I know. (My sense of timing is impeccable).

However, it is something worth revisiting, and certainly a moment in time worth sharing … again.

Without overstating it, the event was as marvelous as any I have ever attended – and easily one of the most inspiring. Despite talking head detractions from the media belt (those who actually covered it), the New York Tea Party was tremendously upbeat and positive. Indeed, it had all the earmarks of a well-attended demonstration – signs, loud voices, unbridaled energy and passionate speakers (including former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich – but it was manifestly different than your run-of-the-mill, off-the-rack rally.

It was concretely patriotic and as unangry a rally as I’ve ever seen. In other words, it was not your typical, barefoot-in-the grass, leftist protest full of visceral attacks from frothing braindeads. It was not an event laced with archetypal negativity and hostility. Rather, it was an overwhelmingly boisterous, thunderous, uplifting gathering of people cheering and standing up for something they truly believe in – their country.

Let’s be clear … the thousands of us who attended the New York City Tea Party were unapologetically adamant, unwavering, loud and unrelenting in opposing the dangerous Obamacratic transformations taking place in the United States – but we knew why we were there, and we zealously spoke about what we were defending.

We were there to demonstrate that we were for the United States of America – not just aimlessly cackling against something.

There was no violence, no littering (this was no inauguration), no hatred, and no personal attacks.

It was decidedly UNliberal in every way.

It was an event that I pray will be only the stepping stone to a greater and far reaching movement of Americans who know that the traditions, institutions and values of this great republic are worth defending.

Not surprisingly, however, there was barely any national coverage of these modern day Tea Parties in the mainstream press. There was some scoffing by elitists, a fair amount of name calling by numbskulled Obamacrats (“right-wing nuts,” “extremists,” and even “racists,” as Janeane Garofalo called us), but the countrywide demonstrations went largely ignored.

I predicted as much.

By contrast, recall the sickening saturation given the handful of pro-Proposition 8 rallies across the country late last year after same-sex marriage was voted down in liberal California. To hear and see how it was being covered by the press, you’d have thought 250 million Americans had taken to the streets to feverishly support the redefinition of marriage.

It was not so. Not even close.

Compare that contrived media blitz to the scant coverage of Tea Parties held on April 15th – in all fifty states.

The sentiment and excitement stirred by what was, in fact, over 700 Tea Parties across the nation that day is worth looking at again, if only for a moment or two – if only to remind us that now, more than ever, Americans who give a damn cannot fall back on the barren ground of dumb complacency. The time is at hand to stand up for the founding principals that have defined the United States of America – and to do so before the likes of President Obama and his liberty-raping, government-expansive transformations become irreparable.

America is about liberty. America is about equality of opportunity. In America, the individual is left to his own devices to build and create whatever he desires.

Leftism, by contrat, is about equality – of outcome.

Liberty and equality are not – thank God – the same.

That I even have to make this statement is illustrative of how far from the Founders’ vision this nation has strayed.

It is the greatest anathema to the today’s leftist – the rugged individualist, fuelled by the liberty endowed by our Creator – that has built this nation. It is the God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that enable a free man to pursue and conquer his dreams, unfettered, without the heavy hand of the State holding him back.  That is what has made the United States the envy and beacon to the world.

America’s unparalleled greatness and unprecedented goodness have come in spite of its government – not because of it.

Like millions and millions of others, I do not want that to end.

I was privileged enough to participate in the New York City Tea Party on April 15th, just one man among thousands and thousands who turned out to jam Broadway by City Hall, in numbers I would not have believed were possible in such a blue city. We were there to show those who wish to tear down and redefine what America is that we will stand up for what we believe in and what is right.

Here are some pictures from deep within the electric crowd in lower Manhattan that day.
















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