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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 31, 2009


Liberals always feel better about themselves – like they’ve righted some dastardly wrong – when they spare the offended among us any more undue hurt by changing the names of things they deem objectionable and unseemly. After all, the societal goal of today’s Leftocrat is to make sure that no one – outside of conservatives – is ever offended at any time for any reason. On the liberal hit parade of bugbears and pariahs, “Do Not Offend” is a perennial top-five smash.

In the curious mind of today’s liberal (or should I say progressive) there is hardly anything worse, outside of putting a Wal-Mart in New York City, than being offended. Long-used terminology that is not meant to be in any way pejorative is now offensive. Thus, in the ongoing Age of Political Correctness, “crippled” has become “physically challenged” and “retarded” has morphed into “mentally handicapped.” This is the same mindset that will have us calling the dead “living impaired,” and liars “ethically discombobulated” before too long. Of course, these adorable little non-abrasive labels don’t change the fact that an individual who is crippled is still crippled, or that someone who is mentally retarded is still retarded.

We just don’t call it that.

The word “retarded” is ugly – or should I say “cosmetically distinctive.”

“Crippled” sounds judgmental somehow, and liberals despise judgments – unless it is against a conservative and his dazzling array of archaic, bigoted, multi-phobic positions.

Remember, liberal bigotry fosters unity.

This word-swapping makes libs feel better – and that is precisely what sits at the heart of all liberal policy, feelings. Truth is, at best, secondary, and problem-solving almost always translates into increased funding and/or decreased freedoms. Equality trumps liberty. Indeed, if “Thou Shalt Not Offend” were one of God’s commandment, then some of that judgmental religious stuff so “offensive” to progressives might be more palatable. If it were in the Bill of Rights – Congress Shall Make No Law That Offends Any Portion of the Electorate – the slave-owning Founding Fathers might be less abhorrent to today’s campus cacklers and multi-cultural warriors.

It is this metastasizing idiocy that has prompted the Obamacrats to stop using the phrase “Global War On Terror,” adopted by the Bush Administration after the attacks of September 11, 2001, and instead use the ever-loving, less-offensive, not-so-war-sounding “Overseas Contingency Operation.”

It almost sounds like a good will operation or a free cheese drive.

Last week, Fox News reported:

Critics have pleaded with the Obama administration to abandon the use of “Global War on Terror” because they say it mischaracterizes the nature of the enemy and its abilities.

The fact that enemy has attacked and murdered innocents all over the world hasn’t clouded Obamacrat thinking. Only a leftist can “mischaracterize” thousands and thousands of dead innocents at the hands of murderous terrorists across the globe.

In fact, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirms the change.

From Reuters:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday the Obama administration had dropped “war on terror” from its lexicon, rhetoric former President George W. Bush used to justify many of his actions.

“The (Obama) administration has stopped using the phrase and I think that speaks for itself. Obviously,” Clinton told reporters traveling with her to The Hague for a conference on Afghanistan, which Bush called part of his “global war on terror.”

The phrase was strongly criticized by human rights groups who said it was used to justify many actions, such as the opening of the Guantanamo Bay prison for detainees held without trial at the U.S. Naval base in Cuba.

Internationally, the phrase was seen by critics as a “with-us-or-against-us” philosophy, overly dependent on military force and what many Muslims decried as an attack on Islam.

A red flag should reflexively unfurl when the words “human rights groups” are used. In the same way “peace activists” really don’t advocate peace, human rights groups don’t give a damn about genuine human rights.

To these folks, the greatest war-mongers, perpetrators of evil and offenders of human rights in the world is the United States of America.

Perhaps the next foreign policy initiative of the Obama administration will be to request detailed reports from leaders around the world enumerating not only those things that America currently does that are offensive, but of things not to do in the future, lest our actions antagonize and disoblige anyone else.

In other news, God help us.




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