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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 19, 2009

It’s only been fifty-eight days.

Without the benefit of having a “D” following the President’s name, how much of what the Messiah has done thus far would have drawn relentless fire and criticism from the backpocket mainstream media and its Leftocrat bedfellows?

How much of The Chosen One’s actions as the Chief Executive would have already been picked apart, chewed to bits and spit out by the Obamacratic minions?

Recall the beating George W. Bush took as President – attacked mercilessly on everything from his ability to speak intelligibly to his intelligence – and compare it to the performance of Big Bam.

Just imagine if Barack Obama were a Republican and had the same track record.

From elevating a tax cheat to a cabinet position,
to publicly announcing war strategies to our enemies,
to suggesting that America needs to reach out to moderate terrorists,
to unprecedented levels of pork-barrel non-stimulus stimulus spending,
to lying about earmarks,
to squawking about financial responsibility while proposing a $3.6 trillion-dollar budget,
to criticizing the previous administration’s $2.9 trillion in deficits only to project doubling the national debt in ten years,
to grossly expanding government influence and control into the private sector,
to promising no lobbyists in his administration while having several,
to overturning proven Bush-era policies that have kept this nation safe in a time of war,
to announcing the closing of our detention facility at Guantanamo Bay,
to suggesting that wounded soldiers pay for their own care,
to declaring that a recession was not the time for corporations to make profits,
to predicting catastrophe if the stimulus bill wasn’t immediately passed and then waiting four days to sign it,
to leading the party that categorically stated there were no problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac just prior to the catastrophic problems that befell Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,
to leading the party that has taken a page from the Joe McCarthy playbook by demanded the names of private citizens who have lawfully received contractually obligated retention bonuses,
to being decidedly anti-science in the ongoing debate over stem cell research,
to embarrassing himself and this country in his first meeting with the Prime Minister of Great Britain,
to childishly attacking a private-sector radio talk-show host publicly,
to deciding to appear on a late night talk show on the taxpayer’s dime while railing against about wasteful spending,
to lambasting Senator John McCain for saying the economy was fundamentally sound before predicting economic catastrophe before saying the economy was fundamentally sound again,
to spending astronomical amounts of taxpayer money on inaugural celebrations while the economy dipped into its “worst state since the Great Depression,”
to needing a teleprompter in almost every conceivable public setting,
to talking March Madness basketball with ESPN analysts while America is gripped in an “unprecedented financial downturn,”
just imagine an “R” after Barack Obama’s name.

By a show of hands, who honestly believes he’d be getting the same uncritical, cursory, all-you-need-is-love coverage from the mainstreamers? Or the talk-show circuit?

Even his closing of Gitmo would have seduced partisan aspersions.

Nope. No media bias there.


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