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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 18, 2009


If ever there was a “Boy, if this happened to George W. Bush …” moment in the two months since Barack Obama became President, it would have to be Tuesday’s St. Patrick’s Day display of Messianic moonbattery at the White House.

Let’s be clear.

Had this happened on “W’s” watch, there would have been an immediate call to action to all Lefty laptop rat-a-tat-tatters in basements across the map to let the word go forth. TV talk-show monologue makers would be thanking the gods for such a fruitful bounty. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC would have spent at least twenty minutes on it on her sparingly watched television program. Keith Olbermann of MSNBC might have been forced into an orgasmically-induced change of undergarments had the Cowboy President done such a thing. It might have even warranted two columns on the New York Times front page (I’ll give you below the fold).

President Obama hosted Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowan at the White House yesterday in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Both men appeared before the press.

After a teleprompted address by the President, Mr. Cowan started his remarks, also teleprompted. However, after a paragraph or two it was evident that something wasn’t quite right with the Prime Minister’s statement.

Then it became obvious.

Prime Minister Cowan was reading the wrong statement.

There was apparently a teleprompter boo-boo and he wound up re-reading Obama’s remarks, given just a few moments earlier. Cowan caught the error, turned the President and said, “That’s your speech.”

It was fairly embarrassing – a teleprompter teleproblem .

After a chuckle, Obama returned to center-stage, presumably to play the role of Messiah and save the day.

It was, by all accounts, a situation tailor-made for Obama. Here was an opportunity for the grand orator himself – the greatest rhetorician, perhaps, since Roosevelt – to step into his element and salvage what could only be described as amateur hour at the White House. If anyone could, he could rescue the moment. Here was what so many had been waiting for – to hear America’s most eloquent elocutionist step up to the plate and show why he is The One. Who else but he in all of Creation could deliver on an occasion as awkward as this?

Obama proceeded to speak – but to the mild surprise (and disappointment) of some, he was reading off the teleprompter again. It was odd – particularly because here was a man touted as the anti-Bush, in terms of articulation, standing there with a chance to show why he was so good, but didn’t. Or couldn’t.

To be fair, maybe the right “ad-libs” didn’t immediately come to mind.

Still, he sounded fine, doing his best to move past the teleprompting flub … that is, until it was apparent that what he was reading off the electronic cue-cards was wrong. Really wrong.

He was actually reading the statement Prime Minister Cowan was supposed to deliver a moment earlier.

The faux par became perfectly clear when the President thanked himself for the invitation to the White House.

(It simply isn’t possible to make this stuff up).

How long do you think it would have taken, had he not expressed his undying gratitude to himself, before he realized he was speaking words that really made no sense coming from the American President? Is Obama so teleprocessed that he has no ability to comprehend what he is saying? The President certainly reviews what he is going to say at any public venue before hand. Did it not occur to him that what he was reading was not familiar? Or if it was, that it wasn’t meant for him? Maybe he just misremembered.

Does Michelle wind him up for the question period?


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