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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 14, 2009


Some people need teleprompters for even the most menial public statements, others could probably use them more often than not.

Vice President Joe Biden is much like the milky-in-the-filbert uncle with the hair growing out of his ears that yells at the bookcase for no reason during Thanksgiving holiday get togethers. It’s just accepted that his trolley has long-since chugged around the bend. He rants aimlessly, misspeaks regularly, has a running total of gaffes that could keep archivists busy through Halloween and scares the living hell out of people who realize that he is a mere heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world – inlcuding libs.

What a scallowag.

In what is really more of an FYI piece than a new story, Joe Biden pulled one of those “Oh, I didn’t know the microphone was still on” moments in Washington, D.C. yesterday.

From the ABC News blog:

At an event at Union Station today where Vice President Joe Biden was heralding the $1.3 billion in investments in rebuilding train stations and passenger rails, a microphone picked up one of the former senator’s myriad Senate colleagues addressing him, formally, as “Mr. Vice President.”

That met with Vice President Biden’s standard reply.

“Gimme a f*&$#ing break,” he said, apparently unaware that the microphone was on.

Coincidentally, that was my exact response as I listened to him yammer about shoving over a billion bucks of taxpayer money into Amtrak.


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