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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 9, 2009


Temperatures in Rio De Janeiro are expected to be in 80s this week. It is probably a far better and more credible locale from which to deliver a global warming doomsday speech than, say, Washington, D.C., which recently saw a huge rally of earth-conscious moonbats brave near blizzard conditions to protest the warming of the planet.

And so it will be that this coming Thursday, in Brazil’s second largest city, that the world renowned climatologist, and future King of England, Prince Charles, will give a keynote address in which he will warn that humanity has less than 100 months to act before damage from man-made climate change becomes irreversible. How this prognosis meshes with Al Gore’s prophecy that the northern polar ice cap will be gone in less than two thousand days – roughly 66 months – isn’t clear. Neither is how Charles’ warning stands up against the seemingly contradictory claims made recently by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that it’s already too late to do anything to save Earth.  

Still, the Prince is positive about all the negatives that await humanity unless action is taken now.

From the UK Telegraph:

Prince Charles will say that the need to tackle global warming is more urgent than ever before and that, even in a global recession, the world must not lose sight of the “bigger picture.”

Government officials believe that the Prince’s passion to protect the environment is hugely respected abroad and that he can play an increasing important role as he inevitably moves closer to becoming king. Some believe he is an “asset” that has been underused in the past and they want to use him more in a role of “soft diplomacy”. In Thursday’s speech, the Prince will warn that a failure to act in the next eight years will have catastrophic effects for the planet.

Temperatures in Tokyo may not be as balmy as in Rio De Janeiro – only in the 50s this week – but I wonder why the Prince doesn’t make a stop in Japan to impart his doomsday forecast to the apprehensive masses there.

Oh wait .. maybe it’s because Japanese scientists have recently declared the entire man-made global warming scare pure garbage.

Didn’t they get the memo that the debate was over?


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