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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 3, 2009

protest_dc1Remember these?

On Valentines Day, 2007, a House hearing entitled, “Climate Change: Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Human Activities Contributing to a Warming of the Planet?” was scratched due to snow.

In 2006, in a speech delivered in New York, Al Gore warned of the imminent dangers of global warming while wind chills approached forty below zero.

In October of last year, another speech by Mr. Gore on global warming – this time at Harvard University – took place while Massachusetts was hit with “near 125-year breaking low temperatures.”

Last year, in Utica, New York, cyclists “braved freezing cold temps” as they promoted global warming awareness.

There are, of course, a plethora of zesty ironies such as these documented.

Global Warming zealots make it increasingly more difficult for satirists and comedians to invent fresh material. Many of these dedicated climate warriors have become living embodiments of self-parody – not just because of their fatuous notions of a planet in peril, but because it isn’t possible to write a script more ironic, more hilarious or more emblematic of liberal doltishness than these real life occurances.

As has been widely reported, what was supposed to be the “nation’s largest act of civil disobedience to fight climate change” in Washington on Monday was all but stymied due to – you guessed it – a huge winter storm.

Turnout was, you might say, on the low side.

Eric at the great Vocal Minority website comments:

The event went on, although the turnout was more like hundreds instead of the predicted thousands. You know you’re a hard-core global warming activist when you’re protesting in a ton of snow in March.

He’s also got a handy compilation of other “Gore Effect” type of incidents posted, such as:

– Global warming activists urged to focus on Earth Day rallies and ignore snow as it ‘piles up outside our windows’ (April 17, 2007)

– Obama to global warming demonstrators: ‘This is probably not the weather to hold up those signs…it’s a little chilly today’ (October 28, 2008)

Fox News says that as many as 2,500 nutcases- er, protesters – braved the wintry conditions yesterday, but that figure comes from protest organizers:

…But the shroud of snow wasn’t the only wet blanket in the nation’s capital Monday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called on the architect of the Capitol to stop burning coal at the power plant last week, cancelled her appearance at the rally because her flight to Washington was cancelled.

Some protesters couldn’t make it as dozens of flights in the area were delayed or called off, and some couldn’t face the dangerous roads or blustery weather, leaving hundreds safe, if sorry, back at home.

One protester named Kat had planned to get arrested and be bailed out Monday but decided to stay put and donate her money to a good cause instead.

“I don’t want to travel in the snow today. However, I am donating my bail money to fight mountaintop removal,” she wrote to the Climate Action Web site.

It takes a special kind of person to donate her bail money to help the environment.



  1. Khorum said

    Here’s a little irony for you: Obstructionist Environmental Activism has had a more directly measurable effect on rising levels of CO2 emissions in the USA than any other body.

    Hyperbole? Nope.

    During the mid-70’s there was tremendous pressure by activist groups like Greenpeace (specifically Greenpeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore, PhD) to regulate Nuclear Power production in the US. They succeeded tremendously and while the USA had been leading the world in nuclear energy up to that point in time we haven’t built single new nuclear power plant in over three decades. NOT ONE. Compare that with other western nations who amplified their nuclear power programs after the 70’s energy crisis such that France now has 58 nuclear power plants producing over 80% of their electricity.

    Unfortunately by the mid-80’s it became clear that while nuclear power may have posed a risk, the alternative was quickly becoming more odious: coal. In three decades Coal-burning power plants have overtaken ALL OTHER FORMS of power generation in the USA, producing almost 60% of our electricity and more plants are being built to meet demand.

    Wanna guess how many of those new Coal-burning power plants we could’ve AVOIDED building had we kept developing nuclear power over the last three decades?

    You’d think that smart people in the environmental movement would have realized their part in this disaster right?

    Well some of them have. That VERY SAME Greenpeace Co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore did an about-face about nuclear energy during the late 80’s and he started clamoring for the construction of more Nuclear power plants to avoid our growing dependence on foreign sources. He quickly discovered that the environmental movement he had founded had become infested by vicious partisans who hijacked the movement to promote an anti-capitalist, anti-development agenda.

    Today Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace is one of its staunchest opponents:

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