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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 1, 2009

Last year, while then-candidate Barack Obama was still going on and on about how he would have nothing – absolutely nothing – to do with special interest groups, the National Education Association Representative Assembly was adopting 12 new exciting resolutions. While then-candidate Barack Obama was assuring American voters that he wouldn’t as much as spit on a special interest group, even if it were on fire, the NEA shocked the world by endorsing Barack Obama for President. Of course, in Obamacratic terms, the NEA isn’t really a special interest group to begin with – the same way earmarks aren’t really earmarks, and increasing the deficit isn’t really increasing the deficit. They are about education – and that, by golly, transcends politics.

Take two of these twelve non-political, non-biased, agenda-free, straight-down-the-middle resolutions adopted last year by the NEA.

chavez-and-the-grapesResolution I-31- Cesar Chavez Day, for example, states that the NEA “believes that Cesar Chavez Day should be a state holiday in every state to focus on the importance of human relations.” They go on to say that the day would “promote reflection and action for social justice.

Chavez is a hero to the Left. Whether or not he was a bona-fide communist probably isn’t known for sure, but without question, he most definitely played the part of a Marxist class-warrior with much of his rhetoric, and acted like one through his tactics. However, conveniently forgotten by the Left is the fact that Chavez was against illegal immigration – something today’s Leftocrats wouldn’t exactly find a catchy poster slogan for.

The idea that the NEA would endorse a holiday for this man before standing up for reinstating a day specifically commemorating George Washington, the father of this country, is really all you need to know about them. Further, it is not unreasonable to suggest that Thomas Jefferson and, yes, even Abraham Lincoln deserve national holidays before Cesar Chavez does.

Remember, Washington and Jefferson were slave holders. That means the entirerty of their accomplsihments are effectively invalidated.

Meanwhile, Resolution I-51 sates that the NEA supports the “Right of Redress for Descendants of Slavery.” Quoting directly from the NEA resolution:

“The National Education Association believes that both the nation’s decision to allow the acceptance of ownership of labor were morally flawed at their inception and that a formal apology is long overdue. The Association also believes that all descendants of those who served in bondage possess just cause to seek redress from the federal government for past injustices that have contributed to the institutional racism that exists until this day.”

Here’s an idea.

How about a resolution issued by the descendants of American slavery extending a debt of gratitude to the descendants of those who went against the tide of human history by deciding to pursue the radical concept of ending slavery – an institution that predated America’s involvement in it to the beginning of recorded human existence, touching practically every civilization and culture that has ever kissed the face of the Earth?

Contrary to popular notion, the United States of America did not invent slavery.

And if the NEA (a non-special interest group, remember) can show me where “institutional racism” exists in the United States of America – the least racist and most accommodating nation on the face of the Earth – I’d be most appreciative.

The complete NEA 2008-2009 Resolutions Document is here.

But some in the the NEA weren’t entirely happy with Resolution I-51. It needed to go further, they said.

Thus, NEA issued a “supplement report” to Resolution I-51 that reads as follows (additions underlined and in bold):

reparations1New I. Right of Redress for Descendants of Slavery Supplementary Report

Amend by addition … “Right of Redress for [Descendants of Slavery] Deprivation of Human Rights.” Amend by addition on page 19 of the Supplementary Report, lines 35-36, “the nation’s decision to allow and the acceptance of ownership of labor, the practice of violating treaties, slaughter of innocents, displacement of indigenous peoples-including the forced relocation and the re-education of childrenwere morally flawed. Amend by addition, line 37, “descendants of those who served in bondage, or were deprived of life, land, language, resources, and culture, possess just cause to seek redress.”

Somewhere in the back of the hall Howard Zinn was shaking a tail-feather.

Also interesting to point out is that while the “Redress” issue has no problems passing at the NEA conference, one thing that did not pass was an amendment to an already existing resolution – I-16. Family Planning.

The original resolution reads, in part:

The National Education Association supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom.

What “reproductive freedom” has to do with teaching kids how to master binomials or conjugate verbs is unclear, but I digress.

The NEA shot down an amendament that, according to the North Eastern Ohio Education Association blog, “would have added the words ‘with no position on abortion‘ after the reference to “reproductive freedom.”

In other words, the NEA decided that they couldn’t officially be neutral on the issue of abortion.

Nope, no special interests there.


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