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Posted by Andrew Roman on February 26, 2009

let's be friends again

let's be friends again

Bush bashing.

Gee, how original.

The new CIA Chief has decided that Congress needs a big hug, maybe more – and he’s ready to start dispensing the love. According to the agency’s new chief, Leon Panetta, all of those years under President Bush saw a nasty rift fester between the CIA and Capitol Hill – a relationship Panetta says was “badly damaged” with W in the lead – and the time has come to make it all good again. In other words, those lousy Bush-era policies that kept this nation safe from attack for over seven years need to be tossed onto the Ash Heap of History in favor of some new-fangled, open-minded, back-rubbin’ DC lovin’. Panetta is calling for what amounts to bureaucratic make-up sex to “to restore the trust between this Agency and Capitol Hill.”

Mike Allen at the Politico writes:

CIA Director Leon E. Panetta says the relationship between the intelligence agency and Congress has “had a lot of problems” under the last administration and “has to be repaired,” which he said is one of his top priorities.

“Frankly, I can’t do my job unless I have their trust.” (Panetta) said. “And since I’m a creature of the Hill and understand what it means to be a member up there and have this kind of information, I’m prepared to try to do whatever I can to try to repair that relationship.”

“This country has to operate by a set of rules that are in line with our Constitution and in line with the laws of this country. … We swear to support and defend that Constitution in taking these jobs … If we stand by our ideals, if we stand by the beliefs that we have about what this country is all about, I think it makes us stronger, not only here but throughout the world.”

And, of course, what the world thinks of the United States is far more important than whether or not the United States is upholding those values that make her the greatest nation the world has ever known. To liberals, being loved is as much a value as healthcare and equality of outcome. Securing the favor and approval of the world’s nations is a foundational American liberal tenet. It far outweighs doing what’s right and just.

Personally, I couldn’t give a damn what the rest of the world thinks of the United States. Remember, as I have written many times, as a rule of thumb, whatever world opinion is on a given matter, go with the opposite.

Allen continues:

For one thing, (Panetta) said, “We are closing black sites,” a reference to secret prisons abroad used to hold and question suspected terrorist combatants.

The phrase “war on terror,” a hallmark of President George W. Bush’s White House, is rarely used in the Obama administration, but Panetta (says) that “there’s no question this is a war. There are those who threaten us to come here and kill Americans. … CIA is engaged on the front lines to try to develop the intelligence necessary to make sure that that doesn’t happen.”

In his opening remarks, Panetta said: “Al-Qaeda has obviously suffered some key setbacks in recent months and with the …strong support of the president, the vice president, national security director, we are not going to let up on [counterterrorism]. We are going to continue to pursue. We are going to continue to bring pressure.”

Heaven help the terrorists now.

Panetta has surely instilled fear in them by announcing that the United States is going to “bring pressure.”

Hold me.

If nothing else, it was surely nice of Mr. Panetta to acknowledge the existence of the war – and to once again announce to the world that “black sites” are being shut down – just for good measure. That’ll certainly get the bad guys to take pause and reconsider their murderous ways.  The kinder, gentler approach to those who crave death is bound to melt icy hearts all across the Islamo-fascist world.

But if the goal is to undo Bush-era intelligence policies – the very policies he acknowledges has inflicted key setbacks to Al Qaeda – how can he and the Obama administration realistically expect the same kind of successes?

And why would he – or anyone – want to undo policies that have kept the country safe?

(Rhetorical meter spikes into the red).

This hackneyed and tedious “blame-Bush-for-everything-wrong-in-the-world” approach to life that has been the fuel of liberal motivation for eight years is literally going to cost innocent American lives. It precludes the ability to acknowledge anything Bush did right – like his prosecution of the war against Islamo-fascism – and it will, without question, lead to a disaster that will make 9/11 pale in comparison. 




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