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Posted by Andrew Roman on February 4, 2009

This cartoon is the perfect precursor to some anecdotal observations I thought I’d share regarding the blathering mania for President Obama that still seems to have this country in its clutches. It comes from Zack R. at Diversity Lane, via the great Vocal Minority blog.

(Thanks Eric!)


Over the course of a two week period, here in the liberal epicenter of the east coast, I decided to break out pen and notepad and do some informal Obama tallying – just for kicks and tickles. My goal was to record how much apparel, merchandise and reading material related to “The One” I would come across on a typical trip from Southern Brooklyn to the Upper West Side of Manhattan (80th and Broadway, to be precise), understanding fully that conducting such an unscientific experiment in New York City, of all places, would be akin to walking into a McDonalds and counting how many people are eating. 

Still, I thought it’d be interesting.

The trip involved taking one bus and two trains – a total of about an hour and fifteen minutes worth of travel time.

To see if the mania for the President was at all dissipating – or even trending that way – I recorded my observations on two separate trips. The first trip was taken the week of the inauguration during morning Rush Hour, when the excitement of the inauguration was all still new. The second was taken a week later.

On the first trip, as expected, every newspaper I saw that morning (eight different publications) had Obama’s face on their front page. Out of the 28 magazines covers I was able to discern from all three legs of my trip, including those being read on the platforms by folks waiting for the train, 19 had Obama on the cover. 2 had only the First Lady. 2 others had no picture of any Obama, but did have the word “Obama.”

On that trip I counted 14 Obama buttons on jackets and book bags – especially in and around New York University – including one (that looked homemade) featuring Obama’s face resembling the infamous Cuban murderer Che Guevara , complete with the word “Victory” underneath.

I found one person reading “Audacity of Hope,” and oddly enough found two people reading Jonah Goldberg’s book “Liberal Fascism.”

Just south of 79th Street, on Broadway, is a newsstand that displayed 25 magazines that morning. 18 out of the 25 had Barack Obama on the cover.

I saw the phrase “Yes We Can” in some capacity a total of 14 times … as in, “Yes We Can save you money!” and “Yes We Can treat your corns.”

On my second trip, taken six days after my first trip – again, during morning Rush Hour – results were similar.

Every newspaper I saw that morning (six different papers) had Obama’s face on the cover. (Interestingly, I did not see the New York Times cover that morning). I was able to distinguish 21 different magazine covers that morning – 17 of which had the President’s mug on it.

I totaled up 16 Obama buttons – two more than last time – mostly on coat lapels, but three pinned to shoe tops.

At the newsstand on 79th Street, there were 24 magazines on display – 16 of which had Obama on the front.

The instances of “Yes We Can” dropped considerably, down to only 5, but the book vendors on Broadway had far more Obama material to sell.

In both instances, the vagrants who occupy the benches on the median at 80th Street seemed just as oblivious to everything around them as they did when President Bush was in office.

It was not clear if any of them were willing to “work for food.”


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