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Posted by Andrew Roman on January 21, 2009

At the great Vocal Minority website, ETR follows up on a story that both he and I have written about in the past few days – namely, the desecration of the American flag by ardent Obama supporters in the name of patriotism.

My article, Symbolism Matters, touches upon the decline of importance Americans place on the symbols this country holds dear. As I see it, it is a situation that is both sad and infuriating.

ETR’s comments are poignant, direct and spot on.

He writes:

A couple days ago I posted on a Baltimore Sun article that exposed Obama fans parading through Baltimore with American flags with Barack Obama’s face and name on them. I wondered whether these flags, which are illegal, would appear inauguration day in D.C. And sure enough, they did:


Um, were there any actual American flags at the coronation?

Nice job, ETR.

He also links to Michelle Malkin, who has additional pictures of this new uber-patriotism.


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