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Posted by Andrew Roman on January 2, 2009

caroline1Does this actually surprise anyone?

The illustrious Governor of the State of New York, David Paterson, who undoubtedly will figure out ways to implement an armpit hair tax for Empire State residents sometime soon, is allegedly leaning toward Caroline Kennedy to fill the Senate seat being abandoned by Hillary Clinton.

I’m actually splitting a kidney, falling over in fits of “I told you so” silly giggles – one, because I have said all along that Caroline would get the seat, and two, because the “Fat Tax” and “I-Tunes Tax” state is steadily evolving into one long, badly-performed vaudeville routine (if it hasn’t already).

Here in the Empire State, we have Chuck “Bailout Bucks for New York” Schumer representing us in the Senate. That fact alone is sufficient enough to qualify us as “yuk-yuk” central.

We also have Mike “Screw Term Limits” Bloomberg as our used-to-be-Democrat turned Republican now Independent (which really means liberal) Mayor.

I honestly get e-mails all the time from out-of-state friends … “What the hell are you guys doing over there?”

And now we may be seeing a possible Senator Caroline Kennedy.

This is a woman who can fit the “experience” portion of her resume on the dark side of a proton and articulates as well as a peacock with peanut butter in its mouth.

So what?

She’s daddy’s little girl.

According to MSNBC:

Officials say the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy will be the governor’s choice to fill the New York Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Two people close to Gov. David Paterson tell The Associated Press they believe Caroline Kennedy will be his choice, but the governor cautions he’s still looking.

The New York Times reports that during a New Year’s Day open house at the executive mansion, Paterson said “It ain’t nothin’ till I calls it.” The quote recalls a statement once made by legendary baseball umpire Bill Klem.

I understand the “qualification” checklist for a United States Senator is far different than for, say, President of the United States (please see Community Organizer) … but shall we break out the litany of “inexperienced” A-Bombs tossed at Sarah Palin during the campaign season last year from the same folks who will undoubetdly screech the praises of JFK’s baby?

Obviously, it hasn’t happened yet.  This is just a rumor.

You know, we’ll have to, you know, uh, see what, you know, happens.


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