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Posted by Andrew Roman on December 29, 2008

manginiThe New York Jets are not going to the playoffs, and as of a little while ago, Eric Mangini has been axed.

If anyone is surprised by this move, please come forward.

I’m glad he’s gone.

What else can be said?

Over the last five games of the 2008 season, The Jets went 1-4 – and if not for a miracle play against the Buffalo Bills, they would have been 0-5. There were more questionable calls on the part of Mangini during the home stretch run of the season than there were fainting women at Barack Obama campaign stops during the summer.

To say the Jets played horribly over the last five-game stretch would be a disservice to the word “horrible.” To say they choked over the last five games would be unfair to those gagging for air.

The New York Jets were, in a word, disastrous.

The Jets did not deserve, even in make-believe land, to go to the playoffs.

And the funny thing is … five weeks ago, the Jets were being mentioned among the elite teams in the AFC. There was actually talk of the Jets possibly becoming the number two seed for the post-season.

Five weeks ago, they had an 8-3 record with a relatively easy schedule ahead of them with almost no injuries.

What the hell happened?

As recently as two weeks ago they still had their own destiny in their hands.

Two measley little wins and they would have won the division outright.

Instead, the Jets will be sitting at home watching their former quarterback Chad Pennington (MVP possibly?) lead the dreaded, evil Miami Dolphins into the first round of the playoffs against Baltimore.

How delightful.

How embarrassing.

Yesterday, the Miami Dolphins came into the Jets’ house and did what they had to to win the AFC East.

I’m sorry … the Dolphins are not even in the same building talent-wise as the Jets … but, of course, that just sounds like whiny sour grapes on my part.

It is, I admit it.

Bottom line … the Freaking Dolphins have more football to play.

So do eleven other NFL teams.

The New York Jets finished 2008 in pathetic fashion.

There is never any need for deep analysis when it comes to assessing the New York Jets. No one needs to spend inordinate amounts of time monday-morning quaterbacking this team to figure out what the problems are. It’s a waste of energy reviewing and picking apart this team. The answer is always a simple one, and it never varies. In three words, “They’re the Jets.”


Whether or not Brett Favre returns is another issue. Let’s see how many Number “4” Jet jerseys we see in New York now.

And who will Mangini’s replacement be?

I have a better question …

How many days until pitchers and catchers report?



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