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Posted by Andrew Roman on November 9, 2008

Go ahead. I already find myself perpetually crooked over the table, living in this city. I should have rock-hard abs as often as I bend over.

R18722_layout.inddMr. Bloomberg, I only ask that you are quick about it, so that I might go back to walking around Brighton Beach, Brooklyn on my never-ending mission to locate signs written in English.

You have hurled a large medicine ball of saliva at the people of New York, shoving that huge middle finger of yours in the faces of the electorate by eliminating term limits – because only you could save the Apple from financial ruin.

You have outlawed smoking in privately-owned bars, because health is now an issue of morality.
You’ve made sure privately-owned restaurants cannot use the cooking oils of there choice. I expect an all-out attack on salt to be forthcoming.

You have decided, in your infinite budget-cutting wisdom, to get rid of a thousand police officers, but are hiring two-hundred meter maids.

Income taxes will be going up here as well.

And now what?

How about tolls on the East River Bridges? Sure, why not?

According to Marcia Kramer at WCBS-TV in New York:

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is swimming in a sea of red ink and sources tell CBS 2 HD drivers in the city might not like the bailout plan. Nearly half a million cars go back and forth over the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and 59th Street bridges every day for free. Some people think that’s not right.

Guess what? State and city officials now seem to agree. Sources tell CBS 2 HD that putting tolls on some or all of the East River bridges is part of the bailout plan being considered for the MTA.

“People coming into the city should be paying for some of the service they get,” Schwartz said.

Don’t blame me. I didn’t cast a vote for King Bloomy – although, in effect, I do by staying here.

There were some of us who, for a the very briefest of times, actually considered the viability of extending term limits way back when Rudy Giuliani finished his second term as Mayor, only months after the attacks of 9/11. It was fleeting, at best.

Unequivocally, New Yorkers have said they don’t want term limits, and voted that way.

Screw the people, sayeth Lord Bloomberg.

Of course, we can’t smoke after the royal screwing we receive anyway.

Is there anyone in Texas that can make a decent knish?


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