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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 3, 2008

Obama ExperienceDon’t fret.

For those who may have thought that the effectiveness of the “inexperienced candidate” arguments being leveled at Senator Obama were somehow neutralized and rendered lame with the announcement of Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, don’t worry. There is a pulse and it is steady and strong. (It shouldn’t be, but it is). Indeed, conservatives were probably more than willing to veer away from that plan of attack after the vibrant and young Palin joined the McCain ticket, but thanks to the American left, it is very much alive – and conservatives don’t even have to go on the offensive! They only need respond.

Sam Harris, celebrated atheist and card-carrying leftist, in a recent Los Angeles Times opinion piece asked, “Is Palin remotely qualified to be President of the United States?” He, of course, answered his own question with a resounding, “No.”

What a deliciously original angle.

Harris went on to excoriate (and mock) a possible Sarah Palin presidency in the event of John McCain’s death in office, taking a page from the American Elitist’s Handbook, writing, “Don’t look now, but our Cousin Sarah just became leader of the free world! Tune in next week and watch her get sassy with Pakistan!”

How enlightened. How progressive.

Harris – nor anyone else for that matter – never explains how Senator Obama’s resume makes him more qualified for the Oval Office than Palin’s resume makes her qualified for the number two spot … but why soil a good bigoted class-warfare approach to political discourse with relevant questions?

Obama’s own gaffe-de-resistance, in which he attempted to minimize Governor Palin’s executive experience by commenting on how she supervised only fifty employees as Mayor of Wasilla, made him look like Daffy Duck after another one of Elmer Fudd’s shotgun blasts. He sounded as he always does away from the warmth nestling glow of the teleprompter – painfully “average.” (More on that in a moment). Senator Obama went on to say, “I think their budget is maybe twelve million dollars a year. We have a budget of about three times that just for the month.”

Sheer brilliance.

Of course, I will go out on a limb and say that it is probably common knowledge by now that Sarah Palin was also governor of the state of Alaska … but I’ll afford Senator Obama the benefit of the doubt.

The question is … how long will it take Democrats to understand that the entire “too inexperienced to hold office” approach will do absolutely nothing to further their party’s aspirations? That the Dems will not catch on to this before it is too late will be unfortunate for them. That they will keep hammering it for at least the foreseeable future can be good fortune for the GOP.

The other story here is the blatant unabashed elitism coming from Harris and so many others on the left. You can almost hear Mr. Harris’ eyeballs click into place as he peers down the slope of his nose to make his point from on high. From the blogosphere to the main-stream media itself, Sarah Palin has been called everything from “redneck” to “white trash,” and they weren’t intended as pet names. How ironic it is that such rhetoric come from those who profess to support the ideology of the party that still claims to be the most open-minded, the most compassionate, the most tolerant, the most welcoming and the most representative of everyday Americans.

To Harris, Sarah Palin is, at best, a quaint good old girl who can get “sassy.” How delightfully condescending. After all, Palin hunts, fishes, is a member of the NRA and believes in all that God stuff.

It gets better.

Harris asserts, “Americans have an unhealthy desire to see average people promoted to positions of great authority.”

PalinI wonder if anyone would be kind enough to let Mr. Harris know that “average” people often – and more times than not – elevate themselves to positions of great authority in this most accommodating nation – military commanders, plant managers, police captains, bank presidents, etc. However, to the leftist elites, it’s not just “Cousin Sarah” that rates as painfully under qualified for the highest elected office of the land – it’s every “average” American. After all, “great authority” can only be achieved successfully by the university educated, socially conscious upwardly mobile liberal.

Remember, leftist bigotry and prejudice is meant to unite.

It still astounds me how anyone can take any argument coming from left seriously. The kind of bigotry, sexism and elitism coming from them since the announcement of Governor Palin as McCain’s running mate is disgusting and embarrassing. The sad thing is that almost no one on the left will recognize it as such, nor will they condemn it.

By the way, just for the record … I like average Americans. I trust the average American. The average American believes in the exceptionalism of this great nation and understands that it is a force for good in this world. To be an average American is to have the freedom and opportunity to elevate one’s self and to be willing to fight for what is right and good. Perhaps that’s why I believe that to be the average American is to be above-average.

Without question, to raise one’s self to the level of accomplishment that Sarah Palin has is certainly above-average. It is not the average mother of five who can claim the achievements she has. This “average” woman, I would remind Mr. Harris, served two terms as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska and currently serves as the Governor of Alaska – which includes being the Commander of the Alaska National Guard. Perhaps most notably, Palin assumed one of the most difficult (and dangerous) tasks one can undertake in the political arena – that is to openly battle and ultimately defeat rampant corruption within her own political party, eventually resulting in the crushing of an incumbent Governor.

These are no small tasks – and hardly “average.”

It’s funny. I thought whistle-blowers were heroes to those on the left. I thought reformers made leftists salivate.

If Palin were a Democrat and believed in bigger government, endorsed lenient abortion laws, opposed the war in Iraq and still defeated a corrupt Republican government, there would already be three bridges to nowhere named after her and we’d be talking about an Obama/Palin dream ticket.

To that end, I once again return to the original point … What has Mr. Obama achieved that elevates his own level of qualifications from the ranks of “average?”


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