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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 3, 2008

I happened to be watching the Republican Convention proceedings on NBC for a time, although I generally watch convention coverage on C-Span.

On NBC, during President Bush’s comments, the convention hall crowd volume was mixed down, making for some slightly awkward looking pauses in the President’s delivery while the (unheard) crowd was cheering and clapping.

Perhaps I’m too focused on minutiae.

Leiberman was very good in his predictably wavy monotoned style. I thought his best line was, ““God only made one John McCain, and he is his own man.” It won’t be quoted by school kids twenty years from now, but I liked it. Of course, this practically “seals the deal” in terms of Leiberman’s future and status in the Senate amongst Democrats. Seeing as the Dems will assuredly pick up seats in the Senate in November, Leiberman’s importance to the party as the “tie-breaking guy” will be non-existent.

Public enemy number one, indeed.

Fred Thompson was busy being Fred Thompson, and that was perfectly all right with me. He was energizing and to the point. His most effective line – for me anyway – was calling Senator Obama “the most liberal and inexperienced nominee ever to run for president.”

It worked.

My overall impression of last night’s proceedings, for the want of a better phrase, was one of mild satisfaction. It certainly did not come off badly by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it went quite well. It was certainly more cohesive than the Democratic showing last week, which came across as splattered paint on a cheap canvas – kind of all over the place. I certainly didn’t walk away with any feelings of excitement or chills after last night – not that I expected to. I watched. I ingested. I enjoyed. I said, “Okay.” I went to bed.

Enter Rudy and Sarah …


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