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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 7, 2008

The Wilson Sisters

Nancy and Ann Wilson, co-founders of the 1970s hard rock band Heart, are apparently a little perturbed that the song they made into a classic-rock staple, “Barracuda,” was used at the Republican National Convention last week. The song had become something a trademark for Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, an association that dates back to her days as a high school basketball star in small-town Alaska. Now that Governor Palin is a household name – and has affronted the sensibilities of the antediluvian feminist class – she will apparently have to find another theme song – that is, if the Wilsons have her way.

Prior to John McCain’s acceptance speech on Thursday evening, Heart had publicly requested that their song not be used at the convention. (No doubt the Wilson sisters were a tad surprised that the convention playlist was light on Hank Williams and Boxcar Willie). The sisters, of course, didn’t come right out and say that they were sickened to hear their precious creation used at a congregation of bigots, fat cats, war mongers and homophobes, but they did say that “the Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that permission.”

By Thursday evening, when the next President of the United States had finished his speech and the balloons were falling all over the assembled masses, the song was showcased again. This prompted a fuming Nancy Wilson to respond by saying, “I think it’s completely unfair to be so misrepresented. I feel completely f—ed over.” How eloquent.

Could this be a royalties issue maybe?


Following Thursday night’s convention activities, she and her sister issued yet another statement – this time with a touch more lucidity – saying, “Sarah Palin’s views and values in NO WAY represent us as American women. We ask that our song ‘Barracuda’ no longer be used to promote her image.”


Why not just say that in the first place?

Their objections had nothing to do with copy infringement. It wasn’t about getting permission to use their song. The sister’s opposition focused squarely on the political chasm that exists between them and the gun-wielding, moose burger-eating, bible-pounding wilderness woman from Alaska who wants to destroy the environment and call Messiah Obama names.
The Wilsons went on to explain, “The song ‘Barracuda’ was written in the late ’70s as a scathing rant against the soulless, corporate nature of the music business, particularly for women. (The ‘barracuda’ represented the business.)”

Interesting. If this were an episode of “Behind the Music,” I might even find it relevant.

My initial thought after reading their protestations was to try and shed light on specifically what it was that put such a twist in their knickers. Which “values” and “views” relevant to American women did they believe Governor Palin was an affront to? Achievement? Leadership? Capitalizing on equality of opportunity? Rising from humble working-class beginnings to become a Vice-Presidential candidate? Funny, I thought those sorts of things were foundational tenets of the feminist creed. I thought that was what the Steinem constituency of American womanhood had been championing for years.

Silly me.

The sad reality is that to the Wilson sisters – and almost everyone still entranced by the feminine mystique – politics trumps all. Governor Palin’s remarkably impressive resume is nothing to admire for the left-leaning ladies of the ensemble because she is not a liberal. Palin’s conservatism, by default, invalidates her womanhood, belittles her accomplishments, and opens her up to personal attack from the compassionate ones. Whereas her achievements and successes would have been the very underpinnings of her status as a hero had she been a liberal, they instead amplify her inexperience and gross disqualification as a conservative. Ironically, Palin is assailed on non-political matters precisely because she is on the right. Because she is not a liberal, she is a fraud.

Speaking of fraud … I have to assume the Honda Corporation has more “soul” in their “corporate nature” than the “music business” that made Nancy and Ann millionaires, seeing as Heart’s song “Barracuda” was featured in Honda’s ads for the fossil-fuel burning Odyssey minivan this year.

I wonder if Governor Palin – or any other conservative – has ever driven a Honda.


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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 5, 2008

Last evening, representatives of a New York City group called Urban Elephants gathered in Times Square to watch Senator John McCain’s acceptance speech. Two of the groups’ members (also former members of the Brooklyn Young Republicans Club) were interviewed on CNN.

Very well done.

Click here to watch the report.

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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 5, 2008

At Dennis Prager’s blog, here on the Townhall website, under the entry, “Steinem: Palin Not A Real Woman” is a thread that, for me, perfectly illustrates how many people on the left conduct themselves when called to debate a given issue. Emotion takes the place of reason, feelings substitute for wisdom.

Responding to an article by Gloria Steinem on his Thursday broadcast, Dennis Prager argued that the reason Steinem-bred feminists do not support Governor Sarah Palin is because she is a conservative. By any measure of accomplishment, Prager reasoned, Sarah Palin should be the aspiration of young feminists everywhere, but because she is an unabashed right-winger, she is not.

Another example of how politics trumps all for those on the left.

A blogger who goes by the name of “Ex-Pat” explained that Governor Palin’s feminist qualifications weren’t the issue. Instead, he unleashed a personal attack on Palin – as liberals are wont to do these days – yanking a tasty morsel from the leftist playbook (direct from the “Bush Lied-People Died” chapter) calling Governor Palin “a liar.” He went on to clarify his position, claiming that Palin’s “Bridge to nowhere story” was a “complete lie” and that the “Brother-in-law story” was also “a complete lie.”

“Ex-Pat” doesn’t explain or back-up his claims. He just tosses his “L” bomb into the lunchroom and drives off into cyberspace.

The word “liar” – like the oft abused “hypocrite” – just sounds so damn good. It’s a deal breaker and a high-five generator among leftists. Yet, the word is so egregiously exploited, so misunderstood and, as Dennis Prager says, raped to the point that it has lost all meaning.

This blog entry by “Ex-Pat” is not an isolated example. It is more and more becoming the rule.

The thread continues on with some interesting thoughts from a blogger called “King.” He is troubled by the fervor and fever surrounding Sarah Palin’s electrifying appearance on Wednesday evening at the Republican National Convention. “King” finds the exuberant and enthusiastic reactions from conservatives to be obviously artificial. He writes, “We get all these right wing radio guys such as Prager, (Michael) Medved and (Hugh) Hewitt who are still smarting, but being good little cheerleaders for the GOP despite the fact that McCain, and not their candidate, got the nomination. They now expect you to believe that they are really so ecstatic over the choice of Palin and that they honestly believe that she would be a much better president than their original choice (Romney, Giuliani, etc). These guys have NO credibility whatsoever.”

Of course, Sarah Palin is the vice-presidential candidate, not the presidential candidate.

“King” goes on to avow, “If anyone made a simple statement along the lines of ‘Palin was not my first choice for VP, but I think she’ll be fine’, I would have NO problem at all with that.”

“King’s” point of contention here, I suppose, is the degree of enthusiasm and praise being shown by Republicans for Governor Palin today as opposed to, say, a few weeks ago. Of course, Palin wasn’t yet known to most Americans a few weeks ago. She was, for the most part, a name bandied about by pundits and talking heads in a strategic context, said to have a strong record of conservatism in her state. It may very well be impossible for lefties such as “King” to conceive that someone could unexpectedly emerge from the pack to impress the hell out of (and energize) Republicans as Palin did on Wednesday evening. To “King” and others who mope like him, people – regardless of their party affiliation or ideology – cannot honestly have their perceptions modified or even tantalized by what they identify as poignant and powerfully moving moments.

The fact that Dennis Prager, on more than a few occasions in recent weeks, commented on how he believed Sarah Palin would be a wonderful choice as John McCain’s running mate (behind Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana) shouldn’t cloud the issue, I suppose.

Why allow annoying facts and reason to get in the way of a good whine?

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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 3, 2008

Obama ExperienceDon’t fret.

For those who may have thought that the effectiveness of the “inexperienced candidate” arguments being leveled at Senator Obama were somehow neutralized and rendered lame with the announcement of Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, don’t worry. There is a pulse and it is steady and strong. (It shouldn’t be, but it is). Indeed, conservatives were probably more than willing to veer away from that plan of attack after the vibrant and young Palin joined the McCain ticket, but thanks to the American left, it is very much alive – and conservatives don’t even have to go on the offensive! They only need respond.

Sam Harris, celebrated atheist and card-carrying leftist, in a recent Los Angeles Times opinion piece asked, “Is Palin remotely qualified to be President of the United States?” He, of course, answered his own question with a resounding, “No.”

What a deliciously original angle.

Harris went on to excoriate (and mock) a possible Sarah Palin presidency in the event of John McCain’s death in office, taking a page from the American Elitist’s Handbook, writing, “Don’t look now, but our Cousin Sarah just became leader of the free world! Tune in next week and watch her get sassy with Pakistan!”

How enlightened. How progressive.

Harris – nor anyone else for that matter – never explains how Senator Obama’s resume makes him more qualified for the Oval Office than Palin’s resume makes her qualified for the number two spot … but why soil a good bigoted class-warfare approach to political discourse with relevant questions?

Obama’s own gaffe-de-resistance, in which he attempted to minimize Governor Palin’s executive experience by commenting on how she supervised only fifty employees as Mayor of Wasilla, made him look like Daffy Duck after another one of Elmer Fudd’s shotgun blasts. He sounded as he always does away from the warmth nestling glow of the teleprompter – painfully “average.” (More on that in a moment). Senator Obama went on to say, “I think their budget is maybe twelve million dollars a year. We have a budget of about three times that just for the month.”

Sheer brilliance.

Of course, I will go out on a limb and say that it is probably common knowledge by now that Sarah Palin was also governor of the state of Alaska … but I’ll afford Senator Obama the benefit of the doubt.

The question is … how long will it take Democrats to understand that the entire “too inexperienced to hold office” approach will do absolutely nothing to further their party’s aspirations? That the Dems will not catch on to this before it is too late will be unfortunate for them. That they will keep hammering it for at least the foreseeable future can be good fortune for the GOP.

The other story here is the blatant unabashed elitism coming from Harris and so many others on the left. You can almost hear Mr. Harris’ eyeballs click into place as he peers down the slope of his nose to make his point from on high. From the blogosphere to the main-stream media itself, Sarah Palin has been called everything from “redneck” to “white trash,” and they weren’t intended as pet names. How ironic it is that such rhetoric come from those who profess to support the ideology of the party that still claims to be the most open-minded, the most compassionate, the most tolerant, the most welcoming and the most representative of everyday Americans.

To Harris, Sarah Palin is, at best, a quaint good old girl who can get “sassy.” How delightfully condescending. After all, Palin hunts, fishes, is a member of the NRA and believes in all that God stuff.

It gets better.

Harris asserts, “Americans have an unhealthy desire to see average people promoted to positions of great authority.”

PalinI wonder if anyone would be kind enough to let Mr. Harris know that “average” people often – and more times than not – elevate themselves to positions of great authority in this most accommodating nation – military commanders, plant managers, police captains, bank presidents, etc. However, to the leftist elites, it’s not just “Cousin Sarah” that rates as painfully under qualified for the highest elected office of the land – it’s every “average” American. After all, “great authority” can only be achieved successfully by the university educated, socially conscious upwardly mobile liberal.

Remember, leftist bigotry and prejudice is meant to unite.

It still astounds me how anyone can take any argument coming from left seriously. The kind of bigotry, sexism and elitism coming from them since the announcement of Governor Palin as McCain’s running mate is disgusting and embarrassing. The sad thing is that almost no one on the left will recognize it as such, nor will they condemn it.

By the way, just for the record … I like average Americans. I trust the average American. The average American believes in the exceptionalism of this great nation and understands that it is a force for good in this world. To be an average American is to have the freedom and opportunity to elevate one’s self and to be willing to fight for what is right and good. Perhaps that’s why I believe that to be the average American is to be above-average.

Without question, to raise one’s self to the level of accomplishment that Sarah Palin has is certainly above-average. It is not the average mother of five who can claim the achievements she has. This “average” woman, I would remind Mr. Harris, served two terms as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska and currently serves as the Governor of Alaska – which includes being the Commander of the Alaska National Guard. Perhaps most notably, Palin assumed one of the most difficult (and dangerous) tasks one can undertake in the political arena – that is to openly battle and ultimately defeat rampant corruption within her own political party, eventually resulting in the crushing of an incumbent Governor.

These are no small tasks – and hardly “average.”

It’s funny. I thought whistle-blowers were heroes to those on the left. I thought reformers made leftists salivate.

If Palin were a Democrat and believed in bigger government, endorsed lenient abortion laws, opposed the war in Iraq and still defeated a corrupt Republican government, there would already be three bridges to nowhere named after her and we’d be talking about an Obama/Palin dream ticket.

To that end, I once again return to the original point … What has Mr. Obama achieved that elevates his own level of qualifications from the ranks of “average?”

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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 3, 2008

I happened to be watching the Republican Convention proceedings on NBC for a time, although I generally watch convention coverage on C-Span.

On NBC, during President Bush’s comments, the convention hall crowd volume was mixed down, making for some slightly awkward looking pauses in the President’s delivery while the (unheard) crowd was cheering and clapping.

Perhaps I’m too focused on minutiae.

Leiberman was very good in his predictably wavy monotoned style. I thought his best line was, ““God only made one John McCain, and he is his own man.” It won’t be quoted by school kids twenty years from now, but I liked it. Of course, this practically “seals the deal” in terms of Leiberman’s future and status in the Senate amongst Democrats. Seeing as the Dems will assuredly pick up seats in the Senate in November, Leiberman’s importance to the party as the “tie-breaking guy” will be non-existent.

Public enemy number one, indeed.

Fred Thompson was busy being Fred Thompson, and that was perfectly all right with me. He was energizing and to the point. His most effective line – for me anyway – was calling Senator Obama “the most liberal and inexperienced nominee ever to run for president.”

It worked.

My overall impression of last night’s proceedings, for the want of a better phrase, was one of mild satisfaction. It certainly did not come off badly by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it went quite well. It was certainly more cohesive than the Democratic showing last week, which came across as splattered paint on a cheap canvas – kind of all over the place. I certainly didn’t walk away with any feelings of excitement or chills after last night – not that I expected to. I watched. I ingested. I enjoyed. I said, “Okay.” I went to bed.

Enter Rudy and Sarah …

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